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2 Mar 2016

Get a Great Tattoo and Never Regret It

Tattoos are a great work of art but they can be hideous too if not done properly. When you decide you want to have a tattoo, make sure you think about the following points. – Where so you want it? People tend to judge anyone with a tattoo. Select an area where it is not
1 Mar 2016

Tips for Getting a Tattoo on Black Skin

Have you tried to search Google for information on black or brown skin tattoos? Try it. It is like drawing water from stone. There is a lot of information on light skinned people getting a tattoo but getting a perfect tattoo for us black skinned beauties is a bit different. Follow the following pointers to
29 Jan 2016

Get that Tattoo-Tone or Undertone

  Although tattooing on dark skin requires some finesse, it is a skill that has been mastered by tattoo artists with very little effort. The dark skin will take up colour like any other skin; the only difference is that the melanin gets in the way of seeing the ink. Tattoo at black women artists