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left_dotDipped in Chocolate
Bronzed in Elegance
Enameled with Grace
Toasted with Beauty
My Lord, She’s a black womanright_dot

Whose beautiful skin will only be further enhanced with a tattoo created by Black Women Tattoos.

With this thought in mind, Black Women Tattoos was conceived. There is so much exposure for lighter skinned women but very little for the black women who would like to have a tattoo. Getting a tattoo on a black skinned woman is more challenging than the other skin tones, and that is why you need to have your tattoo inked by an artist who understands the possibilities and the limitations of the tattoo you want. We have mastered this art to a perfection.


We have our own portfolio of designs that you can choose from. We specialize in custom design tattoos and a whole range of styles including:

    • Traditional
    • Realistic
    • Gothic
    • Japanese
    • Colour
    • Black and Grey
    • Birds
    • Religious and ethnic symbols
    • And many more…..

Our services also include tattoo redesign and cover-up.


All our artists are experts, each having their own individual way of working and the one best suited for your tattoo style and design will work on your tattoo.

We work in clean hygienic surroundings and have private facilities for intimate work.

We use state of the art sterilization techniques and all our needles, gloves, and inks are for single use only.